“As a baby boomer female and a successful professional not yet ready to retire, I want to express to Mr. Lawson my deepest appreciation for his continued depiction of strong female characters. Belle was relentless in her insistence that her twin daughters receive The Training just as her son Harry had, but it was Bell’s fair and faultless reason that ultimately won over the Ancestors! Her resolve to go against the the Ancestor’s devotion to the male-only tradition ultimately began a New Tradition allowing women equal access to training for the development of Consciousness. Belle embodies the characteristics of Higher Emotional and Higher Mental Centers (an awakened Conscience and Objective Reason) so that in The Thief we continue to witness the self-development of Real Human Beings struggling to realize their birthright! Harry said it best in his toast after the wedding at the Tigre Inn:

“When he finished, silence pervaded the Inn as if they were, in some intangible way, joined by the generations of their ancestors adding their unheard blessings to the company on behalf of their most honored membership. Harry spoke first, after the silence had been absorbed like another course of the meal. “We are the bearers of the new traditions of that ancient lineage. All here are the beneficiaries of, and live as testament to, the foresight and resolution of two remarkable humans,” he raised his glass and the others followed suit, “To Belle Livingson.”
“To Belle Livingson!” They repeated with reverence and pride, and drank the toast. Tears of inexpressible joy filled Harry’s eyes as he looked from face to face, “and to the man she loves and serves, whose unparalleled wisdom and humility first ignited our conscience—to George Livingson.” The others again drank to their benefactor. “To the first of the lineage—whose name is lost in the dimness of human time—for his determination to create a repeatable, practicable avenue to awake the submerged Conscience of man.” All the company consecrated a profound moment of silence in genuine reverence in honor of that most worthy initiate.”
Spiritual high moments like this one are offered for consumption throughout Mr. Lawson’s future histories which is one reason it is so difficult to stop reading at the end of each chapter!
Warning: JL Lawson’s novels may be addictive!” —Dirt Dobber Deborah, Amazon Reviews (The Thief)


“J. L. Lawson has given his readers an invaluable tool for understanding the works of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky and Russell A. Smith (COSMIC SECRETS, 1993). The short volume is easy to read, written in a conversational tone, but contains an immensity of esoteric knowledge that can be life-changing for the seeker. I was very pleased to have one place in which much of what I read by the three authors I mentioned could be accessed in condensed form. I will return to it again and again.” —CeeJay, Amazon Reviews (Porch Dialogues)

“I am grateful that Mr. Lawson is writing this series. An artistic, entertaining and, most of all, informative set of novels describing man’s true state, his search and his possible destination has been long awaited. I hope you will buy the series and profit from it as I have.” —CeeJay, Amazon Reviews (Donkey and the Wall)

“You have a wonderfully distinctive style. This is a well-written, evocative and interesting story, which I really enjoyed reading…” —Karen, Primary Editor at FirstEditing.Com Inc. Regarding: Beyond the Littoral

“Of all species on the planet, man has the ability to choose to seek truth. Read this book. You may find some.” —Jon Wooten (from Amazon Reviews of An Honest Man)

“I am thrilled – honored – that you sent me a copy of your book, thank you. I have begun to read it – you are a really good writer and I am excited about the book and excited for you. This is fun. This is also practical – to journal part of that noggin of yours that is so brilliant in so many ways…good usage for such a gift!” —Pamela Smith, School Administrator (Donkey and the Wall)

“When I get up in the morning to go to work, it will be without my usual amount of evening rest and I blame you because I could not put your book away! I did not want to stop reading it. I have only been able to read to “Life” so far, forcing myself to stop, and I think it is really, really good, just great really. It is a genius work. The way you have laid it out. Anyway, I am truly enjoying it and to me it is the long-awaited and necessary “being” side of the work – which has been needing to be written for many years; I believe you may have taken care of that need.” —Pamela Smith, School Administrator (Donkey and the Wall)

“You have an interesting and creative story. Your characters and voice create an incredibly tangible, well-paced narrative. You use this along with solid dialogue to really help the reader to get to know your characters. At times your story barely feels like fiction at all. Overall your work demonstrates strong writing with a story line that flows nicely. The way you describe each scene makes me feel like I’m right there. Harry’s journey to finding true love is captivating. Your book is well written and it’s clear that you have put a good deal of thought and effort into the planning and presentation of your manuscript.” —Gwen Hyde, Manuscript Review Team, Outskirts Press, Inc. (An Honest Man)

“Dear Son,
Ah! What a delight. I shant compare you now with others who’ve claimed to have written (a book). I just finished your Chapter Eight and am yet marveling at how your characters, principally Kaitlyn, have so captured heart. Whatever comes from your “pen” to conclude this “Trilogy,” I shall continue to say, “Well done.” Truly, a marvelous “escape” for this ‘young at heart’ octagenarian.
My perception of your characters’ potentials, focuses on “Harry” becoming your autobiography. I see you clearly in Harry’s successes and achievements. You have achieved “Mach One” on breaking the “sound” barrier at describing “true love” and its marvelous therapeutic impact on us. Your verbal “brush and palette” will paint even greater portraits of what the nature of God is: pure love…”
Dr. Lewis Lawson, My Father (not biased in the least… naturally) (An Honest Man)

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