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I sincerely hope that you enjoy each of my titles as much as I enjoyed writing them. All my books are intended for the general reading public, however they are uniquely tailored to young adults, the young at heart and, in truth, anyone with a naturally inquisitive mind.

Just A Curtain is an exciting gateway to both, or either, the Curious Voyages… Saga (all seven) and, or also to The Elf series (which is currently only up to three novels).

The Donkey and the Wall was an odyssey for me to daily record the lives of those most remarkable individuals, appearing as ordinary men and women to the average passersby. The notion that lineages, generation to generation, parents to children, of fully realized persons should be living among us, was simply too enticing a story not to tell, and I feel privileged to have taken advantage of the opportunity to be their storyteller.

NOTE: The three books of that initial series are intended as a springboard for a reader’s own decision to work on him or herself. The balance between the presentation of objective knowledge, with examples of the understanding of that knowledge, and the resultant actions of the characters of these books, will allow the careful reader to ‘know,’ in order to, with efforts, ‘be,’ and ultimately to ‘do.’

The Curious Voyages… saga picks up where the trilogy leaves off—to the moment—and presents an allegory of man’s inner worlds. This series may challenge some and inspire others. It is a departure into the realms of science fiction and as such may be taken as the parable for the journey of self-development it is intended to be.

PERSONALLY: I am a father, a grandfather and a “Came-to-Writing-Professionally-Late-in-Life” kinda guy. After rewarding careers as a Land Planner, Standards Engineer, Technical Writer/Graphic Designer, and as an Educator (High School and College Literature/Composition) I settled down at the laptop and began storytelling for a living. My wife and I live in the Cross-timbers country of North Texas and spend as much time seeing this amazing country, its National Parks and Forests, as we can manage.

My own journey has taken me both far afield and deep within. It is a journey, no doubt, similar in nature to many seekers’ travels who have come before me. However, an unconditional commitment to the Work is the trait of only a handful of those who set their aim very high indeed, and then to find a guide who knows the way through this rarely known land is without question what all others have equally sought. Some gave up the search, some became distracted by the lure of other interests, many became satisfied with the knowledge they had already gleaned from their initial searches. There is, in the end, only so much gold.

I shall be adding other books, either singly or in series, to Voyager Press and so become available to you.

“Make efforts, and wishing for ‘good luck’ becomes moot.”

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